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We Fear Odd & Abnormal Behavior

If we are honest, most of us initially feel awkward and anxious when confronted with odd and abnormal behavior. You would think doctors would feel differently, but Kenneth James M.D. candidly admits that he found interaction with psychiatric patients uncomfortable...


The Need For Electronic Curfews

A new study in the journal Child Development shows that nighttime use of a cell phone can increase anxiety and depression in teenagers and reduce their self esteem. Although as a parent you may have suspected this, this is the...


Paid Family Leave Could Help Future Generations Thrive

The first few months of a child’s life can have an influence on its future mental health. The baby/mother bond begins as soon as the embryo starts to develop in the womb. The baby experiences life through the mama, hearing...


Let Laughter Shed Light

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, laughter rang around the Irvine Improv at our first annual Comedy Night entitled Let Laughter Shed Light. Mental illness is no laughing matter, yet love and laughter enable us all to cope better with what...

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Staying Sane During The Holidays

CBS News turned to ELF founder, Mara James, to share some tips and advice on how to navigate the holiday season.


Heads Together: The Duke Of Cambridge Launches 'Mental Health At Work'

In partnership with the mental health charity, Mind, Heads Together and The Royal Foundation have launched a new online platform, Mental Health at Work.


CHOC and ELF Go For A Home Run

It is always so satisfying when you plan for months for an event and it all turns out so well on the day. Many months ago, CHOC Children’s decided to collaborate with ELF to highlight May as Mental Health Awareness...


ELF Goes National!

Wow! It is hard to believe that this is our second year hosting Mental Health Awareness Events at MLB stadiums and we have already gone national! This was not part of the original plan but when I received notification of...


WOW The Wonder Of Women

WOW is the perfect acronym for The Wonder of Women Summit that was held on May 2, 2018 in Los Angeles on the UCLA campus. WOW seemed the perfect response when looking at some of the most successful and...


Google Values Emotional Intelligence

At ELF we believe wholeheartedly in the need to develop the Emotional Intelligence of young children. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Children who are emotionally intelligent...

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Voyage LA Selects Mara's Inspiring Story

We are so proud of our founder, Mara James, for being selected as one of Voyage LA’s inspiring stories for Orange County. The heart of the mission of Voyage LA is to find the amazing souls who breathe life into...


Flexible Seating Allows Freedom To Wiggle

How many children do you know who like to sit still? Not many I should think. Children are bundles of energy who like to move around and flit from idea to idea and activity to activity. It is difficult for...


3 Beneficial Effects Of Yoga For Children

Child’s pose. What a perfect name for it! We all need to stay connected to our inner child! Yoga is becoming more popular and attracts more people every day. Yoga can offer great benefits to children and can be an...


Piggie Bear Has The Power To Empower Our Children

Mara James, the founder and CEO of ELF, knows exactly what it feels like when feelings and emotions are out of control. Mara was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in May 2014 and began a somewhat scary yet incredible journey into...


Shark Tank Fidgeter Comes Up Golden

The other evening I was sitting watching Shark Tank when a particularly interesting pitch came on. It wasn’t just the product that was fascinating, but also the entrepreneur introducing it. His name is Jason “Fidgetman” Burns and his company is...


There Is An Urgent Need To Help Our Young

ELF founder, Mara James, shares the story of her mental episode at the time of the Isla Vista shooting in 2014.