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is transforming the way people view children's mental health

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The Challenge

More and more children are experiencing mental health challenges at a younger age. The statistics are staggering; 1 in 5 young people now suffer from a mental illness.

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Encourage parents and their children to reach out for help and to begin their healing journey.

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The Big Picture

Our ultimate goal is to educate parents and empower children to reach their highest potential and lead happy, healthy lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help improve children’s mental health and wellness and support families by providing education, resources and awareness around mental health.

We encourage families to recognize symptoms, overcome the stigma and reach out for help. Through prevention, early intervention and holistic treatment, we believe many of the big problems facing today’s youth can be transformed within a generation.

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What We Do

There are three primary ways that ELF helps improve the mental health of children and their families.

  1. We organize mental health awareness events
  2. We create therapeutic tools for children
  3. We introduce parents to traditional and holistic healing resources

Mental health affects everyone, at all ages in all walks of life. Our multifaceted approach is particularly focused on children, but is designed to also reach families and their communities.

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Piggie Bear™

Mara James, founder of the Extraordinary Lives Foundation, created the character of Piggie Bear as a friend to empower children, help them deal with their emotions and feel really good about themselves.

Piggie Bear increases a child’s emotional intelligence by teaching them her five Piggie Bear tools. All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the Foundation and support our mission to empower all children, including those with mental health challenges, to reach their highest potential.

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Power of Piggie Bear

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Sponsors & Partners

We are incredibly grateful for our sponsors for 2019. The following organizations have supported during our awareness events.

Each Mind Matters Sutter Health Adrienne and Rick Matros Each Mind Matters Maternal Fetal Medicine Reproductive Fertility Center Tilly's Life Center